We’ve been in the hair extension industry in Edinburgh for years so you’re in safe hands. Director Neil and his team have a wealth of experience in all methods (whether it be Itip, Pre bonded or weft hair extensions) so we can advise what’s best for your hair.

We use the best methods and source the best hair for our customers, making your hair extensions as manageable as possible. We also have our very own custom-made MacLock products to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling as good as new.


What is MacLock?
MacLock is our signature brand of hair extensions, designed and tested for many years by director Neil.

A combination of a small copper tube and a discreet spongey itip has been created for flawless and endless results on all hair types.

MacLock hair extensions do not require any heat, glue or braiding to attach the hair extension which means NO DAMAGE to your natural hair. In fact, it allows your own hair to grow whilst wearing them. Many of our Edinburgh clients are now happy with their own hair and after years of wearing our hair extensions they decide to go back to their natural hair. The results are amazing!

Why MacLock?
MacLock is lightweight, natural and durable hair extension. No damage will be caused to your natural hair as long as aftercare is followed and you attend regular maintenance appointments at our Edinburgh and Penicuik Hair Salons.

MacLock is 100% human Remy hair, meaning our hair is reusable. Unlike most hair extensions, there’s no need to get new hair extensions every three months as our special MacLock tip can be used time and time again with our new technology with no shedding!

How is MacLock attached?
MacLock is attached with the smallest, flattest micro rings (Maclocks), then our memory tip is placed in between your natural hair and the lock, finally pressed closed with pliers. This method is taking over the hair extension world purely because of its outstanding results. Clients can wear their hair up or down – our MacLock locks make this possible as there are NO hair extensions on show!

MacLock price list

This is a guide price list – once you’ve seen one of our experienced hair extension technicians they’ll advise what length and quantity you require.

16″ Hair Extensions

Lasting 6 months plus with correct aftercare

50 strands £142(deposit £82)
100 strands £295(deposit £165)
150 strands £375(deposit £245)
200 strands £480(deposit £300)

20″ Hair Extensions

Lasting 6 months plus with correct aftercare

  Salon stylist
50 strands £150(deposit £90)
100 strands £310(deposit £180)
150 strands £400(deposit £270)
200 strands £520(deposit £340)

24″ Hair Extensions

Lasting 6 months plus with correct aftercare

50 strands £165(deposit £105)
100 strands £340(deposit £210)
150 strands £450(deposit £320)
200 strands £550(deposit £420)


Maintenance is just as important as aftercare. Your hair grows which means your extensions need maintained. We slide the MacLock rings back to your root onto new hair, replace any hair extensions that are required and pop in the ones you’ve lost along the way. We’ll also give your hair extensions a trim if you require it!

Please don’t leave this any longer than 12 weeks. This could really damage your own hair and you may have to have your extensions removed and refitted. Your stylist will advise when is best for your hair – everyone is different.

25/50 strands £40
75 strands £55
100 strands £65
125 strands £75
150 strands £85
175 strands £90

Prices for appointments with Neil available on request